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Plastic Surgery Budapest

Secondary Rhinoplasty
James UK - "Fantastic experience"

Fantastic experience! I am very happy and impressed with Dr Rodrigo and his more than friendly staff! Excellent hospital, treatment and aftercare! I would thoroughly recommend Dr Rodrigo for anyone considering a cosmetic procedure! Special thanks to Joanna to being particularly supportive from the beginning! Thank you all!
Sue UK - "Very very happy"

Hi Joanna, as you know I am blown away with my result from my surgery from the brilliant Dr Rodrigo, 1st class surgeon at cut price costs, everyone that's seen my before and after are absolutley stunned, I cannot thank you both enough as I know this has given me my confidence back and changed my life for the better and it has knocked years off me. I'm a very very very happy lady. I have already recommended Dr Rodrigo and Joanna to 3 family members. 100% great price and more importantly great great great result.

Dr Rodrigo - Chief Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery Abroad - Budapest

Nowadays, people have a new attitude towards cosmetic/plastic surgery abroad ... because they know for a MEDITOURIST, Budapest is not only a wonderful destination to travel to, but also offers top class medical care and treatments at affordable prices. Cosmetic or plastic surgery abroad in Budapest has a key advantantage over cosmetic or plastic surgery in Ireland or the UK - The Price!! You can save up to 60% and get the same quality medical care. Patients seeking plastic surgery abroad should consider Budapest as one of the best destinations for this kind of medical services.

Lower/Upper Eyelid
NoeL UK - "First class service"

Ok, when I review restaurants or hotels my review is normally brief, but this deserves more attention. I had upper & lower eyelid surgery performed by Dr Rodrigo, I must say that I am absolutely delighted with the result and although nervous that a doctor who I had only met once before was going to make various incisions close to both eyes filled me with trepidation. This worry turned out to be completely unfounded as I had minimal discomfort & in fact did not even have to use any form of pain medication. My eyes have really opened up & the folds of skin have been completely removed. The survey took place 01 Dec and cannot thank Dr Rodrigo and of course Joanna enough for the first class service. I will be returning in May for a rhinoplasty and just now completing the arrangements. Joanna has my authority to release my before & after photos to anyone who wishes to view & also can pass my phone number if anyone would like to chat about the procedure and also receive assurance. I would highly recommend Dr Rodrigo for anyone looking for plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Budapest

As one of the best plastic surgeon in Hungary, Dr Rodrigo's gentle approach is built on the principles of artistry, precision, reliability, and individuality. Dr Rodrigo offers a full range of surgical services, including several specialized procedures like Facial Beautifying for females and males, Septo-rhinoplasy, Revison Rhinoplasty, Buccal Fat Removal with local-anaesthesia with lasting benefits at a reasonable cost.We also offer modified lower eyelid surgery, an amazing upper facial rejuvenation with minimal downtime. Dr. Rodrigo takes pride in helping patients from around Europe to attain their desired appearance. Please visit the other pages of our site to learn more about rhinoplasty, facelift, septo-rhinoplasty and breast augmentation in Budapest.

Why would someone consider cosmetic or plastic surgery abroad?

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery has traditionally been viewed as an exclusive and costly opportunity only the wealthy and famous could afford to pursue. Not anymore. If you are willing to travel 2-3 hours to get your plastic surgery abroad, you too can obtain the body you always wanted. Cosmetic or Plastic surgery is not just about vanity. It’s about ordinary people with problems. Maybe it’s a nose that’s big or small breast, wrinkled, sagging skin that makes someone who feels young and alive look old and depressed.

Whatever the cause, it’s a problem. Not so much because of the way it makes you look – but because of the way it makes you feel.

Most people would agree that what is inside a person is more important than what is outside. In today's world we are learning that our appearance is becoming increasingly important. It can have a direct effect on how we feel about our self and how others immediately perceive us. When there’s something you don’t like about the way you look, it can make you feel self conscious, unconfident and unhappy.

A little change on the outside that can lead to a big change on the inside…

That’s what cosmetic and plastic surgery is really all about. Time and the environment take their tolls on our bodies and on our skin, and everyone has something about their appearance that they would like to alter, however minor it may be. Today this is a very feasible option and whatever your complaint there is a treatment to suit you. Maybe it is time for you to get your plastic surgery abroad!

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