Day of the Surgery

The day of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery

We will be in touch via e-mail or telephone prior to your arrival in Budapest. A driver will be at the airport to meet you and take you to your accommodation. You will also be assigned a bilingual person knowledgeable in the procedures and who will assist you in overcoming any potential concerns and answer any questions you may have

Next morning - D-day

Surgeon Before the surgery you will undergo a general examination by your doctor and a nurse. Unless you have already provided us with previous tests results, an ECG will be done (non-invasive painless examination of heart electrical activity and rate). You will also be subject to a physical examination. A urine and blood sample will be taken for testing. Once everything is in order with the test results, the surgeons can proceed with the surgery. Photos are taken, consent forms signed, prescriptions for medications given and detailed instructions will be written for your after surgery care. This ensures that there is plenty of time before surgery to address any questions about the procedure(s) and recovery, and allows for the proper support systems to be put into place for an uncomplicated post plastic surgery recovery

During your pre-operative consultation with Dr Rodrigo you will have the opportunity to discuss any issues you still might have. Dr Rodrigo will explain the procedure, answer all your questions and discuss your requirements. Then, you will be visited by the anesthesiologist who will discuss for the type of anaesthesia that can be used with you where applicable (certain procedures allow the use of local anaesthesia).

After the surgery, you will stay at the clinic for one or two day for observation. It is most likely that you will share your room with another Irish or British patient. If you able to have dinner your meal will be ordered from a nearby restaurant (a la carte). If you came with someone(partner, family member), they can visit you too. Next morning the surgeon will do a check-up and the nurses will be available to assist you. If all goes well, you will be taken back to your accomodation as scheduled. You will have a final check-up before you fly back home. If all goes well, you will fly back as scheduled.
On the day of your return home, our driver will pick you up two and a half hours prior to your departure. This gives you more than enough time to get to the airport stress-free and check-in for your flight.

Remember of the following on the day of the surgery:

  • You have to attend to the clinic without eating or drinking .
  • If your plastic surgery is scheduled in the morning, do not eat after 22:00 or drink after midnight
  • If your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery scheduled is for the afternoon you can eat a light (yoghurt or fruit) breakfast before 8.00. am
  • Bring all medication, which you have taken or need to take
  • Remove contact lenses
  • Wear comfortable loose clothes
  • Remove make-up from face, eyes, lips and neck.
  • Remove nail polish from your fingers of the hand and feet.
  • Remove ALL jewelry/piercings prior to cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Before After Pictures