Reviews and Testimonials- Plastic Surgery Abroad

Testiomonilas from our past patients:

Dear Meditourist,

My wife and I were patients at your clinic in week 30, 2011 and would like to thank you for your professionalism and assistance during our stay. Here a short description/feedback on how we experienced our dialog and the process with you.

On our vacation in Hungary we chose to look for a plastic surgery since we have heard that Hungary was a much cheaper country to get an operation in compared to Denmark and via Google we found, among others, Dr Vincente Rodrigo and Meditourist.

The reason for us calling Meditourist first, was due to the very professional homepage that included a satisfactory and comprehensive information level. Next, our call was answered first time by Patient co-ordinator Joanna Karoly there not only well at speaking English but she could also setup a meeting already the day after.

Here we were welcomed by both Dr Vincente Rodrigo and Joanna Karoly in their office downtown which was in good condition, close to the hospital where the surgery would find place. Dr Vincente Rodrigo was confidence inspiring and gave an impression that what we requested was for him business as usual, and after some very good advices about the process we agreed to use Meditourist for our surgical procedure.

In a foreign country without any knowledge about the healthcare system or the hospitalization it was not without concerns that we � again only the day after � arrived as agreed at the hospital. Here Joanna was meeting us in the reception and helped us to our room. A big thanks to Joanna that even though we were not her only clients that day she was staying most of the time at our side to ensure we were okay.

The operation went as planned and it confirmed to me that Dr Vincente Rodrigo and his team, is very professional about their work. With the expected pain after, the staff did everything to help with both guidance and painkillers. Can�t find a single thing that I am dissatisfied with.

After our surgery we had the pleasure to experience that Meditourist called us several times to ensure everything was going as it should. Even 3 weeks after we still experience a high present and service minded assistance when we reach out for Meditourist regardless if its small or big question/concerns.

It has been a great experience and Meditourist receive our biggest recommendation. Br/ Heidi&Max


Venlig hilsen / Best regards
Max T. Seeger
International Account Manager
Nordic and Strategic Alliances
TDC A/S, Enterprise
Business Nordic, R435
Teglholmsgade 1-3
0900 Copenhagen SV


"I cannot thank you enough for the way you looked after e whilst I was in Budapest"

Dear Joanna, I would just like to say thank you so much for everything both before and during my stay in Budapest. I was a little nervous about my surgery but your very friendly emails made me feel very relaxed. By the time I left the UK I was really looking forward to meeting you and having my surgery.

I cannot thank you enough for the way you looked after e whilst I was in Budapest. I am grateful to you for picking me up at my hotel, taking me to the clinic and, most of all, for staying with me whilst I had my surgery. I am so pleased you did this for me as it meant I was not alone. As you know, I am hoping to return to Budapest later this year for further surgery. I will not hesitate to have my surgery through meditourist and I look forward to seeing both you and Dr. Rodrigo again. Hoping to see you soon.

Many thanks once again.

Kindest regards Elaine


"Everyone was kind and caring"

Hello Joanna.

I did get home. At midnight. This is England for you. ..... ......I gave someone your details and hope she will contact u soon. Once again thank you for everything. Give my dearest love to Dr. Rodrigo. Everyone was kind and caring. Wors cannot express. Take care. All my love.


Norma Wilson, UK


"I am fully contented with the result"

Hi! I'm Marti and I had a treatment here. I just wanted to tell you that I am fully contented with the treatment, with the doctor and of course with the result. I can recommend them.



"My Face is Proof of Dr Rodrigo’s Experience and Talent"

...When I initially decided to take this step I was nervous and afraid of the unknown. I met with a lady called Joanna who pointed me in the direction of the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. From this moment I knew I was in good hands with Joanna being a qualified nurse and was very informative and put my worries and fear at bay. I felt comfortable and confident in Dr Vincente Rodrigo from my first appointment; Joanna accompanied me to this and to all appointments thereafter. All of the staff was very friendly and professional. In addition to this the clinic was attached to one of the main hospitals in Budapest which added comfort. On meeting Dr Rodrigo who, with no obligation or pressure to proceed with the surgery, he talked me through my options and all the risks and advised me to take time to make my decision. The day before my surgery they carried out a full health check to see if I was fit for the surgery. This further reassured me that this was a professional risk adverse service. The following day on receiving my clear results I arrived to the hospital and was met by very professional and friendly staff and of course Joanne. I also met with Dr Rodrigo again who advised me further about the surgery. My post op check two day after the surgery where I met with Dr Rodrigo and Joanna where he removed and redressed my plasters and was extremely nice and gentle. For no additional cost Dr Rodrigo said I could make an appointment at anytime or call in each day if I wished. After a short time my scars barely exist. My face is proof of Dr Rodrigo’s experience and talent. I feel and look amazing. My expectations of my procedure were exceeded. I am constantly smiling and have pep in my step. I would highly recommend Dr Vincente Rodrigo to others.


Mary Murphy


"I LOVE my results "

Hey dr. Rodrigo, I finally have some after photos from my procedure and I have to say I LOVE my results =) I think I look great, you are a genius. Sorry it took me so long to send you after pictures but after the procedure regreted doing it, but it sure was worth it in the end!! Best wishes Soffía

Soffía Sveinsdóttir


"Thank you."

Dear Joanna, Thank you for replying so quickly, i like to thank Dr Rodrigo and Dr Molnar for their help and i appreciate it. Most of all, i like to thank you for your help all the way through the whole surgery and also on the recovery time. Thank you. Alim

Alim Uddin


"Rodrigo has done a very good job"

Dear Joanna, My recovery has been going very smoothly and my nose seems to improve alot as the days pass and lots of the swelling has now gone which is good. Thank you for the pre and post-op photos- they're great, I'll send some more photos in the next few weeks and in three months time aswell. I am very happy with the results, there's already a great improvement. I want to thank you so much for all of your help and great support throughout my visit and to Dr. Rodrigo who has done a very good job. Im glad i chose Kontur Klinika. If i come to Budapest again, I'll make sure to visit. Thanks again for everything and it has all been very worthwhile. Best regards, S****

Sophia Mc Ardle


"I had a great time in Hungary "

Hello again Joanna :-) I had a great time in Hungary and and I a glad I had the chance to get to know you and Dr.Rodrigo. I Have great day and send my regards to the doctor and the others at the clinique :-) Sincerly Paul P

Paul Pozderka


"Műtétem remekül sikerült"

2006-ban operált Dr Rodrigo arcplasztikával. Műtétem remekül sikerült, azóta is "tart" a feszessége.52 éves voltam akkor, de bár előbb csináltattam volna meg... Sokan csodálkoztak, hogy milyen kipihent és szép vagyok. Fiatalabbnak nézek ki a hasonló korú barátnőimnél Önbizalmam megnőtt a műtét után , sikeresen alakult a párkapcsolatom. Sokan 6- 7 évvel fiatalabbnak tippelnek. Műtét utáni napon úgy örültem a jó eredménynek, hogy nem is emlékszem fájdalomra...Egy hónapig egy kicsit feszült, de utána ,ahogy telt az idő egyre szebb lett. . Hálával gondolok a doktor úrra ,hogy széppé varázsolt :))) Minden 50 év körüli nőnek csak ajánlani tudom ezt a műtétet!

Hála és köszönet :Vivien


"Just a friendly thank you for making my experience in Budapest (cosmetic and tourist!) absolutely fantastic!"

Just a friendly thank you for making my experience in Budapest (cosmetic and tourist!) absolutely fantastic!. You and Dr. Rodrigo have an outstanding partnership, and it shows in everything you do--from the hospitality to the medical care and everything in between. I feel quite certain that you will see me again (and anyone I can refer, I will!).



"The result is truly fantastic"

Thank you very much for sending the photos before and after. The result is truly fantastic. I am very, very happy.



"Joanna followed up with subsequent emails, reassuring and encouraging me along the way"

Dear Joanna,

I sought cosmetic surgery for my nose because the tip of my nose was very large and the bridge of my nose had been broken. I met with surgeons from four different clinics in the UK but received conflicting information from them regarding the necessary procedure, and none of them reassured me that they could significantly improve the looks of my nose.
Two of them also said they would not be able to change the bridge of my nose. I contacted Meditourist regarding the surgery and was contacted by the representative, Joanna, who was amazing. She responded to my initial enquiry, then contacted me by telephone to discuss the procedure and logistical details. Joanna recommended an inexpensive but very modern hotel near the clinic, and provided personal attention in regards to meeting with Dr. Rodrigo.
Joanna followed up with subsequent emails, reassuring and encouraging me along the way. I brought photos from magazines of the type of nose I wanted. Dr. Rodrigo was very confident and positive about the results I could expect, and he went far beyond my hope!
Joanna met me at the hotel in Budapest and walked me to the clinic for my first first consultation with Dr. Rodrigo. Dr. Rodrigo was very confident and positive about the results I could expect, which was very reassuring. Joanna sat with me prior to going into surgery, and was at the clinic the following day to check on me. Then I met with Dr. Rodrigo and I for my two follow up consults before I returned to the UK.
The results of the surgery went far beyond my expectations, and was exactly as Dr. Rodrigo predicted. I am completely satisfied, thrilled in fact.
Joanna was as excited as me about the results of my surgery. She, and Dr. Rodrigo, has literally changed my life. I'm extremely grateful and would encourage anyone to pursue cosmetic surgery with Dr. Rodrigo because the doctor you choose is vitally important. I truly believe you could not find a doctor that could give you better results.




THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL AND HELPFUL AND SUPPORTIVE even during your holiday!! You are the most dedicated employee I have ever met :) and of course a truly kind and wonderful person!

Thank you



"Vivre une expérience de chirurgie esthétique, quand on est un homme de 50 ans, ce n'est pas si simple."


Vivre une expérience de chirurgie esthétique, quand on est un homme de 50 ans, ce n'est pas si simple.
On se sent souvent un peu seul, fragile.
Ce n'est pas un sujet que l'on partage volontiers, même avec ses proches.
Internet est une mine d'informations, mais souvent un puits sans fond où on se perd vite.
Dès lors, le sourire et la chaleur de l'acceuil sont de précieux atoûts.
Les atouts maitres de Joanna .
Dès votre premier contact avec Klinik Contour, elle est là, partout, pour tout.
Joanna, c'est gentillesse, sourire, mais aussi conseils et sagesse, écoute et vraie objectivité.
Ses yeux pétillent, elle comprend vos questions, comme des dizaines avant vous.
Le Chirurgien est du même Tonneau. Vicente Rodrigo, c'est un sage, et un vrai grand talent dans les mains.
Serein, à l'écoute, un vrai pro.
S'est t'il trompé ? Sans doute, mais je pense pas souvent. Et les leçons auront alors été apprises.
Toute l'équipe donne confiance, on ressent cette longue pratique , cette expérience d'années de travail.
C'est un métier, tout simplement. Il ne s'invente pas, il se pratique.
Ce métier, Vicente, Johanna et toutes les dames autours d'eux, le pratique presque avec légerté.
Preuve qu'ils ont confiance en eux, et c'est aussi très important, non ?



"Rodrigo has done beautifully.... I'm really happy"

..Such a difference Joanna, it makes me cry. I didn’t think it would be possible. But Rodrigo has done beautifully.... I'm really happy.

I feel really curvy when i look at myself in the mirror something that ive never seen myself be. And i am just very grateful to you and Rodrigo for helping me get this shape  A lot of compliments have been given i get so shy i just smile...



"Thank you for your support before and after care there"

.Hi Joanna, I arrived back in England safely I am still wearing the facial compression garment, I am so please with dr Rodrigo work on my face and nose. My recovery is going well. I do feel a bit tired, I am taking multivitamins my bruises are nearly gone. I will send dr Rodrigo photos. Thank you for your support before and after care there. Hello to the staff and dr Rodrigo



.Dear Doctor Rodrigo and Joanna,

Thank you very much for your kindly reception and for giving us your assistance and professional experience.



"It was a pleasure to be your patient"

Dear Dr Rodrigo and Ms Karoly,

Thank you for your kind and informative mail about post operative care and for the supportive comments about me as a patient. It was a pleasure to be your patient. Everybody was warm and kind and down to earth in their manner, and I felt treated with respect and expertise.
It´s Saturday, the third day after the surgery at your clinic, and I am still feeling good. My body seems to have adjusted well to the intervention, and I have had no pain or discomfort except for ordinary swollen- and stiffness.
I think that the way you all treated me had a positive impact on my state of mind both before and after the surgery. You behaved towards me like a was an individual person that was seen and understood as such, not only a case. That preserved a feeling of myself as a subject, and I think that might be a part of a positive healing process.
Before finishing this email, I will again thank you so much for the work you have done. Emotionally the meeting with you was good, respectful and comforting, and I believe that this is an important basis for the information about before and after procedure to get in/be processed....

Best regards,



"Everyone has been wonderful "

I would ask you a favour to pls thank ever so much all the nurses at the clinic: Judit and the other night nurse and the lovely day nurse too; everyone has been wonderful and made this experience if not pleasurable certainly friendly and not as traumatic as i feared! all your support has been amazing especially when travelling alone!! Many many thanks.



"I am satisfied with the result"

It is now 1 month since my operation, and I am healing well. I am now able to exercise in the gym and jogg for an hour without pain. I am satisfied with the result so far.
I wish you all the best, and will pop by your reception next time I am in Budapest.

Many Thanks



"I was really happy with my results"

Dear Joanna,

I was really happy with my results. I'm looking forward to coming back soon and also the new fillers seem interesting with a 2 year life! I hope to come back in a couple of weeks to the clinic to discuss some work.

Warm regards and wishing you a great day.



"Nagyon tetszik az egesz hely, a szemelyzet, es mindenekelott, te es a doktor."

Kedves Johanna,

Koszonok mindent, hogy olyan jol gondjat viseltéteka testveremnek...En mar itthon vagyok Montrealban.
Az en arcom jo, tetszik a termek, meg kicsit feszit, erzem h kitolti a melyedeseket.
Megegyszer koszonom, nagyon tetszik az egesz hely, a szemelyzet, es mindenekelott, te es a doktor.



"I thank you for all that you have done and the kindness of the crew."

Dearest Joanna,

I have found your email well and I thank you for all that you have done and the kindness of the crew.
Your words mean so much to me.

It would be a great pleasure to see you again in Budapest, and even if you are visiting London you should give me a call!.

I am healing wonderfully and am still a little swollen. I will send over some pictures in a few weeks to give and get an update!!.

I miss you all greatly and I am looking forward to the future. Please send my regards to DR Rodrigo and the girls.xx

With love always,

Happy Soraya.xx


"I am so grateful for you and the good doctor."


I came across a photo of my nose before the surgery and was more pleased than ever that I had the surgery. I am so grateful for you and the good doctor.

God bless you.



"I feel very confident with my new face and I received a lot of compliments."

Hi Joanna!

Just I want to let you know I am totally recovered. I feel very confident with my new face and I received a lot of compliments. I look very natural but in the same time much younger. But I have no words to say thank you again. I am so happy I meet you.
I went for B0T0X last week and my lady assistant was impress with my new look. I really take her compliments in consideration because she is professional cosmetician.
Today I went for massage and the they could not believe I am 52 years old. I hoop I can visit you in September. Thank you very much for your attention during my trip to Budapest.
Please let the Doctor know how much I appreciate him.

Many hugs for you and Dr Rodrigo.



"My looks have enhanced enormously thanks to the pair of you."

Dear Joanna,

I now see I did not reply to your latest email. I am sorry for that, since it was both swift amy looks have enhanced enormously thanks to the pair of you.nd enlightening.
It has now passed +8 weeks since my lipo. I feel well, work out daily and my looks have enhanced enormously thanks to the pair of you. I am really grateful!

Kind regards,



"L'intervention a eu lieu début janvier et cela s'est passé à merveille, grâce au savoir-faire du Dr. Rodrigo"


J'avais été chez le Dr Vicente Rodrigo, au mois d'octobre, pour de plus amples renseignements concernant une liposuccion du ventre et des hanches, où j'avais été accueillie par Johanna et le Dr. Rodrigo, avec une gentillesse incroyable. Ceux-ci m'ont expliqué ce qui allait se passer.
Par la suite je les ai contactés à nouveau par mail pour avoir tous les renseignements possibles et imaginables.
L'intervention a eu lieu début janvier et cela s'est passé à merveille, grâce au savoir-faire du Dr. Rodrigo, de ses assistants et de tout le personnel de la clinique. Et pourtant, ce ne fut pas une intervention vraiment simple, dans mon cas, car j'ai été pas mal atteinte dans ma santé, par le passé. Tout s'est déroulé à merveille et je me sens en pleine forme.
Je voudrai remercier tout le personnel de clinique (dont je ne sais pas les noms) pour leur gentillesse et leur disponibilité et plus particulièrement Johanna et le Dr. Rodrigo.
Après une nuit passée à la clinique(avec tout le confort), on vous ramène à l'hôtel et par la suite on vient vous trouver et on vous téléphone ! .On se sent presque de la famille
Je ne peux que recommander le Dr Rodrigo et toute son équipe. D'ailleurs je suis tellement contente que je vais y retourner en 2013, pour une liposuccion du cou.



"I can't thank you enough for all you did for us while we were in Hungary"

Hi Joanna,

Thank you so much for all your help and support while we were in Hungary, it made a huge difference to our stay.
I am healing very well, I don't need pain killers anymore. I am very happy with the results (but I know the results are dependent on me maintaining my weight)
Again I can't thank you enough for all you did for us while we were in Hungary,

Kindest Regards,



"Dr.Rodrigo mi experiencia fue fantastica!!!!"

Solo puedo decir que soy una persona que busca y investiga muchisimo antes de ponerme en manos de un especialista,estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado al mejor cirujano Dr.Rodrigo mi experiencia fue fantastica!!!!me siento muy feliz.Tengo tambien que decir que todo su equipo,su clinica es excelente. Pensaba y creia que solo en mi pais encontraria un CIRUJANO confiable y bueno pero no es asi encontre al mejor en Hungria lo recomiendo con los ojos cerrados!!!! Gracias Doctor y a ti tambien Joanna(su gran asistente y aquien contactar)



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