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Dr Vincente Rodrigo
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Breast Implant

Dr Vincente Rodrigo
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Dr Vincente Rodrigo
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Before and after surgery Photos

Aesthetic, Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Breast, Face and Body by Dr Vincente Rodrigo Chief Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Our photo gallery offers to you an opportunity to review Dr Rodrigo plastic surgeon work before meeting him for a consultation. Dr Vincente Rodrigo cosmetic plastic surgeon maintains files of before and after photos. The patients shown here have given their permission for their images to be used for illustrative purposes.The rest of the before after pictures may be reviewed by prospective patients on an individualised basis, by appointment with Dr Rodrigo Consultant Plastic Surgeon only.

More about Dr Vincente Rodrigo Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you would like to see what you can expect from various cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments based on the experience of other patients, browse out before and after gallery. To view before and after pictures, click on the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure you are interested in and see beautiful examples and results of Dr Rodrigo's work.

Face Surgeries Photos:

Rejuvenation of the Face Cosmetic Surgery Before After Pictures
Otoplasty Surgery – Ears Pinning Plastic Surgery Before and After
Cheek Lift, Mid-Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Cheek Implants Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Before and AfterPictures
Mini Facelift and Rhynoplasty Before and After Pictures
Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Rhinoplasty - Women Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Rhinoplasty - Men Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Revision Rhynoplasty and Septoplasty Reconstructive Surgery Before After Pictures
Double Chin Cosmetic Procedure Before and After Pictures
Eyelid - Upper and Lower- Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Micro B0T0X Cosmetic Procedure
Extreme Makeover Before After Pictures
Extreme Makeover for Male Patients Before After Pictures

Liposuction Procedures - Smartlipo Surgery

Arm Liposuction Surgery Before After Photos
Fat Removal from Neck and Face with Smartlipo Before and After Pictures
Abdominal Etching with Smartlipo Before After Photos
Liposuction on the back Before and After Photos
Smartlipo on the Tummy Before and After Pictures
Brazilian Tummy – Abdominal Etching for Women before after pictures

Breast Photos for Breast Surgeries:

Breast Implants Before After - Round Implants v. Teardrop (anatomical) Implants
Breast Reduction Before After - Correction of Large Breast
Breast Enhancement with "Gummy Bear" Implants Before After
Breast Balance Plastic Surgery Before After
Breast Lift,- Traditional Keyhole Method Before After
Breast Lift with Implants Before After
Augmentation Before After - Small breast 220cc - 240 cc Before After Pictures
Augmentation Before After - Medium Breast 320 cc - 380 cc Before After
Breast Implants Correction Surgery Before and After

Body Surgeries Photos:

Extreme Makeover Body and Face Before After Pictures
Buttock Augmentation Plastic Surgery With Implants Before After
Brasilian Butt Cosmetic Surgery Lift Before and After Photos
Arm Lift Plastic Surgery – Brachioplasty Before and After Photos
Liposuction Smartlipo Cosmetic Surgery Before and After
Calf Implant Plastic Surgery Before  After Photos
Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Special offers: PIP Implant Replacement

  • PIP implant replacement price: £1580 or €1895.
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  • Full price list Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery in Budapest at Affordable Prices.

  • Improve your looks, regain your self-confidence - get your cosmetic, plastic surgery abroad in Budapest with Meditourist

Why would someone consider cosmetic or plastic surgery abroad?

  • Whatever the cause, it’s a problem. Not so much because of the way it makes you look – but because of the way it makes you feel.

    Most people would agree that what is inside a person is more important than what is outside. In today's world we are learning that our appearance is becoming increasingly important. It can have a direct effect on how we feel about our self and how others immediately perceive us. When there’s something you don’t like about the way you look, it can make you feel self conscious, unconfident and unhappy.

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