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Buccal fat removal is growing in popularity among those who wish to create better facial shape. Many individuals, men and women alike, hope to attain a slimmer face via weight loss; and in many cases, are disappointed by the lack of results.

Lots of people simply have overly full faces in the lower cheek region. And they will have this for most of their life. Often one of their parents has the same feature, even in advanced age. They and their parents suffer with the "chipmunk cheek" look well into advanced age.

The natural history of the buccal fat pad is that it shrinks with age. In younger patients it is full. In older patients it is much smaller. In elderly patients it is often almost absent. In fact as patients age we often see what is left of the buccal fat pad slightly bulging out through the disappearing SMAS layer.

So where is the shrinkage that supposedly occurs if the fat pad had been removed if the buccal fat pad disappears anyway? By the time the patient has "burned through" their facial fat, fat in the entire face has diminished, both in the buccal fat pad as well as the cheeks and face as a whole.

One of the features of a beautiful face, both in women and men, is a juxtaposition of the cheekbone area to the cheeks. The cheekbone area is fuller than the cheek area. The S-shaped curve on the 3/4 view is attractive and in fact defines the most beautiful faces of our era. It is simply not beautiful when the cheeks are overly full. In such patients, fat removal can be an profoundly satisfying procedure.

Buccal Fat Removal Video

Buccal Fat Removal Video

Buccal Fat

The buccal fat pad is the deep fat to the cheek. When it's excessive it can be removed through the mouth. Buccal fat extraction is an option for thinning the lower portion of the face when no other options exist. Patients with a tendency to have fuller faces as they age benefit from this option.

For patients with a baby face, especially patients over 25, it may be possible to reduce the buccal fat pads. This can establish a nice cheekbone-cheek contour. Of course, the overall facial symmetry should be evaluated. The buccal fat pad can be accessed from inside the mouth.

The Buccal fat removal procedure would be completed with local anaesthetic and sedation. The procedure is not too long or unbearable, so the burden of the full anaesthetic is unnecessary. Your recovery will be faster, and only have to stay in the hospital for few hours after the procedure for observation.

Buccal Fat removal with excision through the mouth

The buccal fat is the fat located in the lower part of the cheeks of the face. Fat pads are removed from the inside of the mouth with a few sutures placed for the closure.The procedure involves placing a small incision on the inside of the cheek. Dissection must be done carefully in this area as the facial nerve branches and the parotid duct traverse this anatomical area. The removal of the fat pad result in slight hollowing in the area of the lower cheek.

FAQ - Buccal Fat Removal

How does buccal fat removal work?
Buccal fat removal is a generally an uncomplicated procedure, but requires precise surgical technique to ensure optimal safety. The procedure is normally completed in approximately 45 minutes.

First, small incisions are made. Next, the unwanted fat pad is removed. Once the Buccal Fat has been extracted, the small 2cm incision is closed using an absorbable suture. There are no visible scars in this case and oral incisions heal quickly. Typically, patients experience a pain-free recovery. Most patients liken their post-operative appearance to that of oral surgery (swollen cheeks, but no visible bruising) for the 10-12 days. After 3-4 weeks, patients generally retain their “normal” appearance; The results form buccal fat pad reduction are sometimes visible within one month but usually take up to three months to really see the results. The inflammation and swelling can take a while to subside, particularly when the procedure is done in combination with other procedures.

  • Excessive swelling up to 2 weeks
  • Infection
  • Bruising

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