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Breast Enhancement of Small Breast €3000

The surgery is aiming to help women whose breasts are small to have larger and proportional breasts. Some people is not a good candidate for breast augmentation such as a woman whose breasts are very droopy.The surgeon normally need to take photos of clients’ breasts for comparison between before and after surgery

If your surgeon decide that the patient will be beneficial from breast implants, he will advise them to try several sizes of real implants until they find the proper ones. Low or High profile, Round or Teardrop , Smooth or Texture surface, Location of incision (armpits, nipples or breast folds ), Location of implant ( above or under chest muscle)

About the breast implant

Breast implants comprise an outer layer, or 'shell', which is made of silicone. The silicon shell is filled with silicone gel. The surface of a breast implant can be either smooth or textured. Textured implants provide a surface that encourages the breast tissue to integrate to the surface of the implant. This helps to prevent slipping and keep the implant in place.

Textured breast implants also help reduce the risk of capsular contracture, which can occur if the scar, or capsule, around the implant tightens, squeezing the implant and causing the breast to harden. Dr Rodrigo only using the newest generation of silicone gel breast implants. These cohesive gel implants, otherwise referred to as gummy bear implants, are form stable and less likely to leak or ripple. "gummy bear" breast implants, named after gummy bear candies because the implants are a thicker, more cohesive silicone gel. Since the shell and gel in these newer models are thicker than most other silicone gel implants, they be less likely to break or leak into the body.

Breast implant surgery is not a one-time cost. On average, implants last 7-12 years, and each replacement adds to the cost. Even if the implant itself is replaced for free, or if the surgeon offers his or her services for free, the cost of the medical facility, anesthesiology, and other expenses can still cost money for each surgery.
Breast implant PositionBreast Implant

Our clinic use only accredited breast implants of the highest quality .

You must remember that when you consider getting some form of plastic surgery there is a small likelihood you may be left with some sort of scar. If you are a woman and considering breast lift surgery certain factors must be taken into account, women with drooping or sagging breasts are the most ideal candidates but obviously other variables must be taken into consideration. Before discussing what these factors are, you need to be made aware of breast life scars. This is something important that must be taken into account before deciding to get this type of procedure.
As surgical procedures become more advanced breast lift scarring is become less and less. The extent of scarring depends on the type of incision made by the surgeon, which in turn is determined by things such as breast size and breast tissue, your objectives, and whether you choose a silicone, saline or no implant. The biggest risk with implants is a ruptured implant and therefore finding a qualified surgeon you trust is vital for a safe and successful procedure. 
Because getting a breast lift isn’t as cheap as other cosmetic surgery procedures, having knowledge about the types of scars is very important. The first of these being the areola scar. When undergoing a crescent lift, an implant may also be placed in. These areola scars may occur as the incision is done on top of your areola. This type of scar is typical for patients who have their nipples adjusted higher for a youthful or more ‘perky’ appearance.
Another technique that may cause areola scar is Benelli mastopexy. This is ideal for women with a slight amount of sagging and if implants aren’t necessary. The incision will probably be made around the areola’s borders and the nipples will be repositioned a little higher.
Smaller breasted will likely have short/smaller scars particularly if the Regnault breast lift is used. The incision will likely be made around the areola and one more crescent shape at the bottom of the breasts. This is best for women with moderate sagging.
A only some methods cause long scars and this is characteristic women with severe sagging.. A similar incisions as that of the lollipop will be performed with an additional crescent incision below the folds of the breast. This is a practice called standard vertical mastopexy.
The overall scarring will also depend on your recovery and amount of post-operative care you receive. If you take care of your skin and use scar reduction creams, oils and gels regularly it will help the healing process. The biggest factor however is the skill of your surgeon. The more skilled and experienced your surgeon is the less likely you are have noticeable scarring. Communication with the surgeon is important. Explain to them your expectations and desires so he can give you the type of breast you want with minimal scarring. Breast lift scars are part of getting breast lift surgery. They will generally be noticeable directly after the surgery for a few weeks but will fade over time and blend in with the colour of your skin.

Breast Implant Surgical Procedure

The surgery takes normally between one and a half and two hours depended on the location of incisions, how much bleeding , fresh or corrective cases. .The selected incision is done approximately 4 to 6 cm. The space will be created under or above chest muscle according to the agreement during consultation. Normally, Dr Rodrigo prefer to place implants under chest muscle if there is no disadvantage.

Post Operative Care

The patient will recuperate at the hospital for 1 night, or 2 nights if necessary. Elastic bandage support is wrapped around the breasts for several days but if it Is not convenient, the client can use a sport brassiere (without wire) instead. The patient whose breasts have tendency to sag in the near future, we recommend them to use bra supporting their breasts as much as possible. In many occasions, the new breasts will not look natural immediately because the skin over the breasts and implants has never been stretched before. A few weeks later, the breasts are going to look better and it may takes a few months before it look natural.

Advices for quicker recovery

  • Use ice packs on your chest on the day of your surgery.
  • Sleep in an upright position. Do not sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks after surgery.
  • To avoid unnecessary swelling or bleeding, do not bend over, strain, exercise or do any other activities that could increase pressure in your chest during the first 2 week.


The patient can have light activities during the first week but they may not be able to raise their arms higher than head. They should avoid lifting heavy luggage for a few weeks. They can start driving a car again a week after operation. It is a month after surgery before they can resume normal activities.

Possible risks and complications

Every surgery has a risk of complications. It is not common if the operation is performed by experienced surgeons. When breast surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are infrequent and usually minor. You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon's instructions both before and after surgery. The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for a given individual can only be determined at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

Some complications are correctable; some are not and end up with removal of the implants. However, most of the patients still get chance to have breasts implants redone, normally 6 months later. Encapsulation has approximately 5-10% chance. It can happen any time after surgery, a month or many years later. Normally, when the foreign body is inserted inside human body, the body will shell it with a tissue generally called a capsule. If the capsule around implant is thin enough and pliable, the breasts will look and feel realistic if the capsule is very thick and constricted, the breasts may be deformed and cause pain.

There are many factors that can lead to capsular contracture and it is very hard to predict that it will happen in any case. The correction is necessary; you need a new operation to remove the capsule. Replace the new implants. There is no guarantee encapsulation won't happen again.

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